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Pick a river cruise deals with Webjet Exclusives and enjoy a taste of the good life with a handful of holiday deals in some of our favourite destinations. Unlock a handful of the most competitively-priced river cruise deals across the globe, whether you’re travelling to Europe, China, Canada, Vietnam or another travel hub.

China’s natural beauty is so diverse that it not only encourages you to get out and explore, it demands it. River cruises are one of the best ways to travel around while you’re in China, allowing you to navigate beautiful rivers, inlets and trace the coastlines of one of the most scenic regions of the world.

Choose from a range of luxury river cruise deals to more affordable and family oriented holidays in China, and enjoy a handful of Webjet’s exclusive bonuses when you book with Webjet Exclusives. Check Webjet’s terms & conditions for full details on deal inclusions.

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